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Welcome to Lady Penelope Adare, a realm of refined elegance and opulent style. As the visionary force behind this luxurious women's fashion boutique, Michele Courtney draws inspiration from a lineage steeped in fashion appreciation, propelling her to manifest her own sartorial haven. 

Lady Penelope Adare's story began in 2010, gracing the enchanting landscapes of Ballina/Killaloe, Co. Tipperary, and subsequently finding its prestigious home in Adare by 2014—an idyllic enclave celebrated for its confluence of boutiques and style connoisseurs.

In 2019, Zapato Shoe Boutique was born and we're now operating as a one-stop boutique for clothing and footwear.

Lady Penelope Exterior

I'm enchanted by the ever-evolving dance of trends, the allure of glamour, and the pulsating energy that emanates from the world of fashion.”- Michele

Michele is our relentless explorer, traversing the global tapestry from Milan to Amsterdam, meticulously curating a curation that embodies distinction and flair. Sustainability isn't just a commitment, but a philosophy; opting for garments that epitomize quality and enduring charm.Within the embrace of Lady Penelope Adare, every sartorial desire finds its match—whether you're a trendsetting ingénue or gracefully traversing the tapestry of your golden years. From celebratory soirées to poised smart-casual ensembles, from dawn to dusk, our offerings transcend the ordinary.

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But that's not all—when you depart Lady Penelope Adare, you carry with you a complete vision, from exquisite accessories to perfectly paired shoes. Our meticulous styling encapsulates your journey from inception to culmination. As a final touch, our boutique extends personalized shopping and styling, ensuring your individuality shines through effortlessly.

Our devoted team is committed to ensuring each cherished visitor relishes an experience that mirrors the elegance and luxury that defines Lady Penelope Adare.